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The Detox Dilemma - part one

Detox is such a popular and mis-used word in our society these days.

I’ve never been keen on “detoxing” –as presented in the popular media or by quick-fix-over-the-counter products. It seems to spread the idea that you can spend the weekend over-indulging in whatever it is that you fancy: such as alcohol, coffee, too much fatty or sugary foods, and then buy a three day “Detox Programme” (who hasn’t heard of the Lemon Detox?) and Hey Presto! You’ve undone all the damage and can go repeat the same self-harming behavior over and over again.

It just doesn’t work like that. Our bodies are miraculous! We have amazing inbuilt systems such as our kidneys, lymphatic system, liver, lungs and skin that take care of waste products and eliminate them fairly efficiently. And we stay our healthiest and feel our best when we support these miraculous bodies and don’t overload them with crap (pardon my language) to start with. We should be tending to our wellbeing as on ongoing commitment, not a quick-fix product that promises instant health with a “liver cleanse” and some laxatives.

This said, there are times that we need extra support. Our environment has way more chemicals now than ever before and we can’t always avoid exposure to them. And If we have any sort of health problems, toxin exposure can exacerbate them.

So listen to your body - is it sending you signs that it’s not happy? Signs you may need to take more action than just avoid toxin exposure?

Do you suffer from:recurring headaches; fatigue; digestive problems; skin irritations; foggy thinking; inflammation; always catching whatever illness is doing the rounds; reproductive issues; low mood etc?

This is when it’s time to ask for some help – please don’t try and self treat with those over the counter products that I despair of. Find someone you trust; a good natural health care practitioner who will listen to your concerns and devise a health care programme that just for you and your body.And of course - please get in touch if you’re interested in working with me, I’d love to help.

I’ve finally found a detox protocol that I’m really happy with – It doesn’t just stimulate your liver and bowels to work harder – it’s based on new technology and has the unique ability to safely bind and remove toxins from the body. It's very exciting stuff and very well researched.

Then there's minimising your exposure to toxins - something we can all do even if we're blessed with good health.

In part two of this blog - I'll discuss things how to minimise your exposure to toxins in your home and body.

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