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Naturopathy Holistic Health | Sally Kingsford-Smith

Thanks for dropping in to say "hi", I hope you enjoy your visit here. I really love what I do, I feel very blessed and want to help you enjoy your health as much as I enjoy mine these days.


The seeds for my ongoing love affair with natural health and helping people better, in and of themselves, were planted quite some time ago. They evolved out of my own personal experiences with the power of a natural, holistic approach.


Why I do it and how did I get here?


Ever since I was a wee tot, I’ve felt a strong connection with nature; I’d lose myself for hours in our magical backyard making “fairy gardens” and medicines for my dolls from the wild strawberries and other plants that grew so abundantly. In my teenage years my friends described me as ‘placid’, not what my teenage self wanted to be described as, and in my early 20’s people described me as an “earth mother”.  Career wise, I mucked around for ages. I needed to satisfy the curious blend of nature lovin’ earth mother with an itch for learning and problem solving and a yearning to create. At the same time I needed something that would satisfy my heart that longed to nurture and care for people. And I didn’t know what it was for ages.


I was in my mid 20’s when I first met my husband and he introduced me to Schuessler tissue salts. That introduction was the catalyst for huge changes in my health and my life. Initially, it turned a long uncomfortable bus trip in NZ into a much more enjoyable (and less windy, if you get my drift) experience. I wasn’t unwell, but nor was I really well. I’d struggled with digestive issues (bloating, constipation, cramps etc.) for years and the tissue salts corrected all that – I thought they were magic!


Then, I started to suffer from very bad headaches and “mild recurrent vertigo” After a couple of inconclusive medical tests, a specialist prescribed medication and told me “You’ll have to learn to live with it”.  That was like a red rag to a bull (I am a stubborn earthy Taurean) and I searched for another answer. Luckily for me I found a fabulous chiropractor and the vertigo was history.


All of this really got me interested in natural therapies. Herbalism, with my love of plants, became the obvious choice for me. It was like I threw everything I was looking for into a melting pot (or maybe it was a witch’s cauldron) and out came herbal medicine as a career. Earth mother, nature-lover? Tick. Problem solving, analytical brain? Tick. Creativity? Tick. Heart based nurturing, caring? Tick.


So, in the mid-1980s I began my formal studies in herbal medicine. Becoming a mother at age 36 saw me put away my studies for a while and then, after the birth of my second child when I was 40, I happily threw myself back into study, this time with the amazing and inspiring Dorothy Hall. (Following on from the loss of my first pregnancy, both my children were conceived with the help of some very wise women herbalists.)


Since graduating with a distinction from Dorothy Hall’s College of Herbal Medicine in 2000, I’ve been looking after the health of women and their families in Concord, the Inner West and surrounds. My love affair with natural health and helping people has blended and evolved into a holistic health care practice in my home, where I provide herbal and reiki treatments for my clients.


My clients, like you, often have hectic lives, where their multiple roles and responsibilities create stress and little time for self-care. In the nurturing space of my clinic they can relax, take a breath and enjoy my unique blend of herbal medicine, tissue salts, flower essences and Reiki. This opens a clear, simple and personalised pathway that leads them to wellness. Seeing women like you shrug off the burden of ill health you initially wear and replace that weight with an aura of lightness, calm and ease is just so satisfying.


I look forward to sharing this gift with you too.


And now I'm looking forward to sharing, to a wider audience, the gift of the wisdom I've gained in my studies and in life. In January 2017, I had the huge pleasure of being a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at the inaugural Wise Women Gathering in Australia. Since then I've presented workshops at each annual Wise Women Gatherings, and at Root and Branch in 2019. My workshops are both based various topics surrounding on the knowledge I've gained in my years in clinical practice plus the wonderful wisdom passed on by Dorothy Hall.


As an outcome of the interest generated after those initial Wise Women Gathering workshops, I now offer a 6 module webinar masterclass. It's called 'The Heart and Art of Traditional Herbal Medicine - Bringing People and Plants Together' and is designed for herbalists and naturopaths who want to add depth to the way they practice. I'm also now teaching short classes about tissue salts for practitioners and for personal use. Details for all of these are on my Events page. ​My reiki practice is also growing and evolving. I'm looking forward to more teaching and presenting in the near future, exciting times are ahead.



Dip Herbal Medicine (Dorothy Hall College of Herbal Medicine)

Reiki Master

Cert Psychotherapy

Cert Facial Diagnostics

ATMS Member and Fellow 12622

68+ Years Life Experience


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