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Naturopathy Holistic Health | Herbal Medicine
Herbal Medicine
Naturopathy Holistic Health | Reiki Energy Healing

Herbs supply us with a rich bounty of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and other phytonutrients in a way that our bodies know how to absorb and utilise. They act to restore balance to the body, to normalise and heal and remove blockages that impede healthy functioning.

I am a Naturopathic Herbalist, that is I practise Herbal Medicine as taught by Dorothy Hall, one of Australia's leading and most experienced herbalists. As with most Western Herbal Medicine only plant based medicines are used, and liquid medicines are preferred as they are easier for your body to absorb and assimilate.

There are a couple of distinct important features of this style of Herbal Medicine:

1) Dorothy Hall recognised that many herbs have "person pictures" so in a consultation I carefully select herbs to match your person picture, ie to suit you, your personality, your circumstances, not just your symptoms.

2) The careful herb/person matching means that the herbal medicine can be taken in much smaller amounts ie 10 - 20 drops taken in water three times a day as opposed to 5 - 7mls (or more) swallowed straight three times a day. Much easier to take!

Reiki (pronounces ray-key) is wonderful for stress reduction and relaxation, as well as promoting healing. It boosts our life force and therefore our health - mentally, emotionally and physically. Quite simply, when our life force, or energy, is high, we feel better and enjoy life more fully. 

Most people fall into a deep relaxation during a treatment and often fall asleep. At the conclusion of the healing, people often feel very relaxed and rested, revived, and often lighter as if they've released a heavy load.


Essentially, Reiki clears blockages and slow moving energy, and helps release pent up emotional and mental stresses. This means you'll experience an energy recharge so that you can be in the strongest possible position to heal yourself.

No two Reiki healings will be the same and every Reiki practitioner will bring a little of themselves into the healing. I've enjoyed some wonderful training with two amazing women who have taught me a lot about communicating with and connecting with Plant Spirits and I find, quite often now, that various plant spirits come into the healing space and take part in the Reiki session. 

My Reiki training has now taken me to Level 3, also known as Reiki master level, and is in the Usui lineage.

Naturopathy Holistic Health | Iridology
Naturopathy Holistic Health | Tissue Sales
Tissue Salts

Iridology is the practice of studying the iris of the eye to understand what is happening in the body.


The iris acts as a map of our bodies. It records and shows what is, and what has been happening in our bodies.

I don't use it as a service on its own, I use it at the end of a consultation to fine tune your treatment programme. It helps me with my selection of herbs for you and it confirms what I have already learnt about your health and can pick up problems that we might not otherwise be aware of. 

It's a  great way to learn your constitutional (inherited) strengths and weaknesses and the areas of your body that need more 'nurturing'.

Tissue salts turned my health and life around some 35 years ago and put me onto the path to natural medicine.

They are homoeopathically prepared micro doses of 12 essential minerals that are the building blocks of the body. They are found in the blood and inside cells and are indispensable for all body functions. 
Tissue salts are easy to take, have no side effects and are remarkable in their action.

Used in alone or in combination these salts can reduce muscle cramps, improve cell function and increase an individual’s overall wellbeing. With no side-effects being experienced when using this therapy, men & women of all ages have been able to experience the benefits that this cellular therapy can provide. 

Naturopathy Holistic Health | Nutrition
Compatibility Program

My approach to nutrition is based on a simple and commonsense approach to food. I don’t advocate radical diets, rather I aim to educate people to adopt eating patterns suitable to them and that they can follow for the rest of their lives.

For more in depth support with nutrition, there is a qualified clinical nutritionist who works in my clinic, Nina. I love Nina's holistic approach, it's very much in alignment with the way I work and we share many of the same values and philosophies. To find out more, or to book an appointment, please head to her website here or just ask me.

A sample of your hair is taken in clinic and sent to a testing centre, where 500 different foods plus household items (such as deodorants and laundry cleaners) are evaluated as compatible or incompatible with your body.

A report is then generated, including what foods and household items that are, or are not, compatible with your body. This forms the foundation of a customised and peronalised care program specifically designed for you and your individual needs. Suitable for all ages.

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