Wise Women Gathering 2021

14th - 16th May 2021

At this annual gathering, women from all walks of life will come together in the majestic Hawkesbury Valley to share wisdom and about herbalism, health, wise women traditions and so much more. I've been part of the Wise Women Gathering since its inception in 2017, and I am so exciting that I'll be presenting again next year. 

This year, my presentation will be about why women are such good healers and why earth needs us to step up. In this workshop - 'Herbs, the Gentle Way - Honouring the Earth, her Plants and You' - you’ll learn about the art of drop dosing with herbs; what ‘person picture’ herbs are and you’ll meet a few special herbs that illustrate these concepts beautifully. Drop dosing involves using small doses of liquid herbs and is about the art of healing rather than the science of medicine. It involves an approach where we use our feminine skills of observation: seeing and hearing beyond the obvious. It also involves using Earth’s gifts wisely and not squandering them. Many have expressed to me the fear that we’ve thrown the baby out with the bath water. Herbal learning has become so science based that we’ve lost sight of the plants and the people we use them for. Plants are being reduced to their chemical constituents, and people to their body systems, with a ‘this herb for that’ approach. Using herbs the gentle way, brings people and plants together in a way that honours them both, and the earth from which they spring. I hope you’ll love this concept as much as I do and want to apply it in your life.

Aside from magnificent workshops, there's an array of other happenings. There's space for sacred time, song and dance, a marketplace, a healing space offering massage and other therapies from qualified therapists, swimming, nourishing meals, a kids camp, nightly events and more. 

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The Heart & Art of

Traditional Herbal Medicine:

Bringing People & Plants Together

In this 6 week online masterclass for practitioners and herbal medicine students, I share information about over 50 herbs and their 'person pictures', relevant iris signs, associated sun signs and the art of drop dosing.

My teaching is based on the philosophies of Dorothy Hall and the experience

I've gained in over 18 years of clinical practice.

This knowledge will deepen your understanding about herbs and people,

marrying the two together with valuable insights which you can apply in clinical practice.

I've now run this masterclass seven times and have had all sorts of wonderful feedback - people find the knowledge easy to put in to practice, they've been amazed at how effective it is, the information has given them a whole different way of looking at herbs and their clients are really happy with their results. I'm so excited to be running the eighth round of it!


6 x 90 minute weekly online live webinars

(all recorded with replays available)


Mondays 9.30am - 11am AEST (Sydney time)

22nd February

1st March

8th March

15th March

22nd March

29th March


$385 early bird (register and pay by Monday 1st February)

$485 full price 

$385 student or pension card holder (email me for an application)


Please email me on for an enrolment form and

pay via electronic funds transfer
Account name: Sally Kingsford-Smith
BSB: 062 145
Account number: 1034 2602
Reference: your name

There's a closed Facebook group that I encourage you to join once you've registered for the course. It's a lovely, friendly community that's open to everyone who's done my masterclass series and is a great place to connect, ask questions and enjoy feeling supported by your peers and by me.

There's no written work or assignments. All I ask is that you start observing people to see if you can identify the herbs that might suit them (I find it particularly useful with choosing nervines!).

At the end of the course, I issue a certificate that you can use for CPE points. The course is ATMS approved for 9 CPE points.

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".....After taking in the information and wisdom in this course I have definitely felt an increased confidence in knowing when to use a particular herb for a person which goes beyond a ’this herb for that symptom’ mentality. I have also been inspired to use herbs that were merely glossed over in my formal studies and the results with clients have been amazing! The wisdom being passed down in this course really works and brings the personality of the herbs to life."
Tracey McLean - Herbalist and Naturopath

"Sally's masterclass has given me a renewed interest in my herbal prescribing and a different approach to add into how I already practice and prescribe herbal medicines. I love feeling the connection with herbal wisdom as I feel this is sometimes lost or overlooked. There is so much information about the "person picture" that I will have to watch/listen and absorb this all again! Thank you for passing on your experience so generously."
Wendy Lorimer - Naturopath, Herbalist and Pharmacist

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An Introduction to

Tissue Salts

Over the 40+ years I've used tissue salts (also called cell salts), I’ve seen numerous clients, family members and friends experience their magic – helping aches and pains, anxiety, poor sleep, digestive issues, fluid retention, children’s health and lots more. They can be used with babies, children, women who are pregnant or lactating, the elderly and alongside various prescription medications.


I currently offer two different workshops - one for practitioners and another for personal use.


The practitioner workshop covers general principles about tissue salts.

We then delve into each tissue salt (12 total), what conditions they're used for, physical signs and symptoms, and person pictures of each. I also share some case studies from my own experience (18+ years in clinical practice and 40+ years in personal life) as I find this really helps the information come alive. 

At the end of the practitioner workshop, I issue a certificate for CPE points. The course is ATMS approved for 3 CPE points.

During the personal use workshop, we'll also explore the general principles and look at common conditions that can be helped with each tissue salt.


Each workshop runs for 3 hours total.

These workshops can be arranged by request - please gather a group of 6 or more people and email me at Alternatively, if you'd like to be notified when future workshops will be run, please email me and I'll add you to my list.