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Holistic Healing Process

Whilst I see women, children and men of all ages, with a wide range of health issues, from arthritis to night terrors and more, I primarily work with women who, just like you, are fatigued, run down, stressed. Mostly, they are women who do too much for others and wear themselves out. Often they experience digestive issues such as bloating, cramping, irritable bowel symptoms; or maybe headaches and or an irregular menstrual cycle. They wake tired and are often cranky when they don’t mean to be. Life is on top of them – they are not on top of it. Often, they have had medical tests that indicate that everything’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with them however they know they don't feel well and are not experiencing the optimal health that is possible for them.


Through my services as Naturopathic Herbalist or a Reiki Therapist  I can help you gently transform your health. We'll work together to boost your energy levels, resolve your digestive discomforts and normalise the way your body works so that you can feel on top of life.

Naturopathy Holistic Health | Sally Kingsford-Smith

My holistic healing process in a Naturopathic Herbalist consultation involves:

1) Listening to and acknowledging your concerns

2) Taking a thorough case history for you

3) Using iridology (using the iris of the eye to pinpoint areas of the body that need nurturing and determine what herbs to use)

4) Formulating an individualised herbal mix

5) Offering lifestyle and nutritional advice

6) Offering bio-compatibility testing where appropriate

7) Incorporating flower essences for emotional issues

8) Using tissue salts to balance the body’s biochemistry

9) Following up with you at regular intervals and adjusting your treatment plan, as necessary.




Results patients report include:


●      Increased physical and mental energy


●      Release of stress


●      Better ability to cope with day-to-day stressors


●      Enhanced emotional stability


●      Waking feeling rested and refreshed


●      A renewed enthusiasm for life


●      Normalisation of digestive function


●      Reduction in headaches


●      Clearer skin and shinier hair


●      Improved libido


●      Regulation of their menstrual cycle


●      Feeling like themselves again 



Often, at the end of their first consultation, even before they’ve started taking their herbal tonic or put into place any of the lifestyle changes that I’ve recommended, people will report feeling better. I believe this stems from being properly listened to, often for the very first time, and having their concerns taken seriously. A sense of hope is restored and trust begins to take root.


I firmly believe that for healing to begin, it’s vital to have hope and to trust in the practitioner you are working with. The human body has a wonderful innate ability to heal. Hope and trust stimulate that healing process and tools such as herbs, tissue salts, flower essences and nourishing food help further it.



Naturopathy Holistic Health | Sally Kingsford-Smith
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