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Remedies for A Happy Holiday Season

Woosh! That's how it feels the past few months have gone. The start of the year seemed to go very slowly...the middle went a little quicker...but my oh my how the past few months have flown by! I can't quite believe that Christmas is next month (except that my 2 adult daughters are already talking about all the fun Christmas things they want to do...yep, they're 28 and 31 and still LOVE this time of year). I love it too, I truly do. And I want you to be able to enjoy it as well.

So, I thought I'd use this as an opportunity to check in with you all and ask "how are you going?". Take a proper moment to check in with yourself and sit with this question. This can be a busy time of year for many of us where we often put the needs of others ahead of our own. I'm sending you a gentle reminder to keep taking care of listen to your body, mind, emotions and soul. Give them what they need and to allow yourself to rest.

Here are some simple remedies that will be able to support you in the lead up to December and all throughout the holiday period. (PS. If you'd like any of these remedies, please get in touch with me and I can organise it for you).

Jacaranda Jacaranda is a fabulous flower essence for when you feel scattered, rushed, indecisive or all over the place. It helps you feel more centred, grounded and decisive. Other Flower Essences Flower essences in general are a great way to support yourself emotionally, work on long held beliefs and behaviours. Here are a few more examples - alpine mint bush is wonderful for carers (mums...I'm talking to you!); and elm, is a lovely support for feeling overwhelmed. Lemon Balm Lemon balm is great as a tea (or in my herbal mixes) for supporting people in regards to both stress and digestion. It's really helpful for promoting feelings of calm while also soothing the digestive system. It's also abundant in gardens at this time of year and is delicious in water as a cooling drink! Nat Sulph This is a fabulous tissue salt for many reasons at this time of year. It's great for hot humid sticky weather. It also gives relief when you've enjoyed an abundance of alcoholic tipples. Nat Phos This is another fabulous tissue salt for this time of year. It's especially helpful if you're feeling a bit icky after eating rich food or a larger amount of food than you're used to. Calm and Clear Mist Does this time of year often have you feeling frazzled, like you’ll never get it all done? There’s been a family tiff or you feel one’s about to happen? Feeling overwhelmed by the deadlines at work? Calm and Clear Mist is one of my favourite remedies for this - simply spray it around the room or wear it as a body mist. PS. it contains Jacaranda! Breathe Yep, as simple as that! Simply taking a deep belly breath can help you feel more calm in the moment. Here are two of my favourite breathing techniques: 1. Square breathing - inhale 4 counts, hold your breath 4 counts, exhale 4 counts, hold your breath 4 counts, repeat for a few cycles. 2. 478 breathing (this one is especially good when you can't get to sleep at night) - inhale 4 counts, hold your breath 7 counts, exhale 8 counts, repeat for a few cycles. Mag Phos + Kali Phos These are my two most loved tissue salts. They're great to use in conjunction to support your nervous system. They're also great to help calm a busy mind before sleep. Here are a few other fabulous 'life' remedies

  • Put yourself first - do something little each day to nourish yourself. For me, it's often an afternoon hot cacao and the crossword. It doesn't have to take long or be fancy. Think enjoyable little pops of nourishment like going outside in the morning to feel the sun on your face, taking a few deep breaths outside at night looking at the stars, buying yourself your favourite tea while running errands, or hopping in to bed 10 minutes earlier with a book.

  • Feel free to say 'no' - there's often that feeling of obligation to go to every event we're invited, agree to every favour asked of us, or say yes to every piece of cake to glass of champagne offered to us. If you'd rather decline, be honest with yourself (and whoever is asking you) and say "thanks but no thanks!". In these instances, I always love to remember the saying "those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter".

  • When there's tension around family or friends - do your best not to personalise anything anyone says. They're probably tired, stressed, a bit out of sorts and need as much TLC as you do. Take a few slow deep breaths and spray some of that Calm and Clear spray.


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