Calm your mind with a simple technique

We often think of meditation as formal exercise where we have to sit in a special place, at a special time, for a long time and be able (without any practice) to quieten and clear our minds. However, it can be much simpler than that and every 2 minutes we can find throughout the day to put these simple things into practice will contribute to a greater feeling of calm. There are many different ways we can bring ourselves back into our bodies and out of our minds. Here are some simple things you can try. Whenever you’re waiting somewhere - for the kettle to boil, in a queue, for the kids to come out of school, for an appointment - try the following Close your eyes if you can, or lower them, fo

6 ways to have your 'staycation'

Here are some of my favourite ways to create your own 'staycation' (aka bubble of serenity from the comfort of your own home). Easy,

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