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Special Online Event - Restoration, Immunity and Connection

There's a treat coming your way! Set aside Sunday 17th May for a virtual afternoon of restoration through yoga, immunity through herbalism and food, and connection through meditation. This online event is a special collaboration hosted by myself, Divine Balance and Spiritual Realm Yoga because we believe it's important to connect with one another and help you nourish yourself, your mind and your immunity. The event will start with a gentle restorative yoga class; followed by my talk on remedies from your garden and kitchen to support your immunity; and we'll finish off with an energy balancing session including guided meditation and and sound medicine. You'll leave feeling empowered, centred and grounded - all of which are so important during this surreal time.

When: Sunday 17th May 1pm - 4.45pm Where: the comfort of your own home! Cost: sliding scale between $15 - $45 (you choose depending on what you feel you can afford)

I'd absolutely love to see you there where, together, we can wind down, collect some inner peace, and connect deeply to our own source of strength. Please also share this event with others - maybe you'd like to invite some friends and family to join us from their living rooms too? The more the merrier!

Your Immunity Toolkit: Remedies From Your Garden and Kitchen

During the event, I'll be talking about various plants from your garden and ingredients from your kitchen that you can use to support your immune system. We'll cover topics including:

  • Key nutrients for a happy and healthy immune system

  • How to use common plants including dandelion, lemon balm, nasturtium, plantain, sage, thyme, holy basil and more to support your immunity

  • Kitchen remedies including mushrooms, thieves' vinegar, fire cider vinegar and my personal favourite, Dorothy's 'kick a germ joy juice'

You'll also receive a recipe booklet so that you create these remedies whenever you like.

Please don't hesitate if you'd like to get in touch with me to ask any questions about the event. More information can be found here, where you can also purchase your ticket. I'd truely would love to see you there. Love and light, Sally xo

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