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6 ways to have your 'staycation'

My oh my, it's officially March. By now, most of us are back into the swing of things. Back at work, dropping off and picking up the kids from school, doing the weekly chores, etc! Those fond memories of summer holidays may seem far behind us, but I'm here to tell you that the beautiful, expansive, blissful feeling that holidays often bring can indeed be felt whenever and wherever. When I say this, I'm referring to creating your own mini oasis / bubble of serenity / holiday / 'staycation' from wherever in the world you are (you don't need to be away on some deserted island). Below are some of my favourite ideas how.

Switch off For at least one day, completely 'switch off' - turn off your phone/computer/tv/ipad/etc completely and put them in a drawer, turn all your clocks around, don't even read the news...completely 'switch off' for the day. If a day seems to much, try it for an hour or two instead. Soak it up Soak up the sun - put a rug or towel out in the backyard in the beautiful afternoon sun and lay out there with your favourite book, some gentle music, or just simply lay there listening to the sounds of the birds and the trees. Perhaps a soak in the bath is more your thing - run a bath (with some epsom salts or a couple drops lavender oil), turn off the bathroom light and light a few candles instead, lay back and relax in the warmth and dim light. While doing these things, why not enjoy your favourite drink (perhaps a herbal tea or a glass of red wine). Have it done for you Outsource something that you don't enjoy doing. This might mean having dinner from your favourite restaurant delivered on a night that you don't want to cook, or perhaps using AirTasker for any variety of jobs (like cleaning your house, putting together furniture, folding the washing, etc), or it might even mean asking your parents / neighbours / someone else to babysit for the night. Play your favourite holiday music You know those songs that you listen to during the summer holidays? For me, it's music like Jack Johnson or Norah Jones. Don't feel that these can only be played in some beach holiday house. Put them on while you go about your usual day to day routine. Book a massage, reiki or another type of healing session Massage, reiki, acupuncture...whatever it is that you really love and enjoy. Book yourself in for a session. Make a day out of it - before or after, take yourself out to breakfast or lunch at a favourite cafe. You could even book a session with a therapist who makes house calls so that you can enjoy your massage / etc in the comfort of your own home. Or if you're interested in reiki, please book with me here. Another lovely idea is to simply have a foot bath - pop some warm water in a large bucket, add some marbles or pebbles (to massage your feet), pop in some epsom salts or chamomile tea bags, and sit back and relax for 15-20 minutes. Do your favourite holiday activity Maybe you love to laze about in a hammock, sit by a bonfire, cook on the barbecue, have a picnic for dinner, walk along the beach in the early morning...whatever it is, you don't have to be away from home to do it. Buy or borrow a hammock, get someone to help set up a bonfire in the backyard, organise a barbecue or picnic at a local park, get up early and drive to the beach or go for an early walk at a park near you...there's usually always a way to enjoy your favourite holiday activity!

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