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Eeek aaaagggghhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Setting: midnight, a quiet house somewhere in suburban Sydney – the whole family’s in bed resting but in the parent’s room the woman lies awake, her brain won’t slow down:

“Yackety yack yack”

“Be quiet Brain!!!! Go to sleep” – the magnesium she took the night before starts to work its magic:

“Ahh nice quiet Brain zzzzz”.

But then comes 5am, the Koel cuckoo starts calling and so does Brain,

“Wake up Sally….yackety yack yack ….whir…. whir …..whir ….” OVERWHELM!

Ever feel like this? Just lately this is what I’ve been feeling as I’ve been getting ready for my lovely new website, despite the kind and understanding designers holding my hand and being soothing. I’ve had so many ideas rushing around, plus the added excitement of suddenly putting myself on a steep learning curve about social media: Facebook, Google plus, Linked in, Pinterest (haven’t graduated to Twitter yet) that I felt my brain was going to burst.

And then – a flash of light: I stopped for a moment and remembered all the things I do for patients in the same situation so I:

  • took some slow deep breaths

  • made a mixture of three Australian Bush Flower Essences - Black Eyed Susan for being over committed and constant striving, Paw Paw for assimilation of new ideas and to overcome feeling overwhelmed and Sundew for being grounded and focused .

  • and got stuck into my second favourite tissue salt, kali phos for the brain and nerves.

Voila! Brain started behaving again – still busy but with a lot less chaos and mayhem, and the words getting out of my brain and onto the page making this, my very first ever blog.

Yeehah and hello!

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