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Tissue Salts - what the heck are they and why do I love them so much?

Almost forty years ago tissue salts (also known as biochemic cell salts) were my introduction to the world of natural health and they turned my life and my health around. Since then have used them extensively in my home life and in my work. I must admit, I do love my herbs first but second to my beloved herbs, I love tissue salts, absolutely and without doubt I think they amazing!

Why do I love them so much? Many reasons:

  1. They work! People are often surprised at how effective they are and it can seem like the results are nothing short of miraculous.

  2. They’re safe and can be used for all members of the family: for new born bubs; in all stages of pregnancy; little kids; big kids and they won’t interact with medications.

  3. They’re cost effective

  4. They’re pretty easy to learn the basics of.

  5. It’s hard to go wrong with them.

So, I guess you’re wondering, “what are Schuessler Tissue Salts”. Very simply there are 12 different ones, each affecting different organs and functions of your body. They usually come in tablet form. You take them by dissolving them in your mouth (but you can add them to water and sip it; to baths etc.) There are different brands available from practitioners and health food shops.

There’s a bit of a long story behind them but the short version is: in late 19th century Germany, Dr Wilhelm Schuessler, developed a unique system of therapy that he called Biochemistry. He proposed that there are 12 vital mineral salts that our bodies need a proper balance of to maintain normal (healthy) cell function. And that by taking these mineral salts in homeopathically micro doses, our bodies can assimilate them rapidly via our blood stream thus correcting imbalances and deficiencies that lead to disease states and ill health.

I'd love every person, every parent, grandparent, in Australia to be familiar with them and have at least some, if not all of them, in the first aid kit. They are one of those things you know you can rely on time and time again to help.

If you're going to start with just one in your home cupboard let me tell you about my fave:

Mag Phos (No 7 in the German system) or to give it its proper name, Magnesium Phosphate. Mag Phos is my first love in the world of tissue salts; it was Mag Phos that relieved my crampy,achey, bloated tum all those decades ago when I was first introduced to tissue salts.

Mag Phos is known as the muscle relaxer but it also has the most extensive range of action of all the tissue salts. It can calm down the nerve impulses that lead to muscles, so relieves pain and cramps, relaxing both involuntary and voluntary muscles, even those tiny little muscles around the walls of bronchioles and blood vessels.

Think of it for things like cramps, period cramps, headaches, wind pain, tightness around the heart, spasmodic coughing and hiccoughs. It can even help you have a deeper, more restful sleep (and isn't that a wonderful thing to have?) and as a bonus, can help manage chocolate cravings when they get out of control and threaten to take over your life!

So, get some Mag Phos, give it a go. let me know what you think and ask me if you'd like to know more.

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