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How to write affirmations to get more ………… in your life More? More what?

More? More what? Well, whatever it is that you want more of.

It is good to set goals for ourselves, to have something to move forward to but often we don’t know how to achieve our goals or how to put into action the necessary steps to make them happen.

Writing down your goals and saying them each day is a way of doing this. Used like this they can be called affirmations. Affirmations help break old ways of thinking and set new ones in place. If you're a visual person, using pictures and drawings or just writing them in colour will help.

  • Use simple short sentences that accurately summarise the goal you want to achieve. Affirmations need to brief, precise, accurate and complete.

  • They work best if they are set in your own words; you need to be comfortable with what you are saying.

  • Use the word “I” as they need to be in the first person. It is your goal not someone else’s.

  • Set them in the here and now, in the present or as if they have already happened, so use phrases like “I am” or I have”. Use your imagination and really visualise and feel the positive emotions happening.

  • Use positive language such as “I eat only foods that are good for me” rather than “I do not eat bad food”.

  • Be realistic. The aim is to reset a belief or set of beliefs you have, and to open you up to new ways of being, thinking, doing. As we know, our brains are “plastic” that is we can change and remould our brains and ways of thinking. The more you practise a new way of thinking, the more it becomes part of you, becomes you.

If you give yourself unrealistic goals self-doubt will get in the way.

  • Base your goals on the best possible result that you can imagine and believe in.

  • Read them at least twice a day.

  • It may help to practise saying your goals in front of a mirror.

  • Visualising your goals and meditating on them also helps to set them in place.

  • Record them in your phone and or tablet and computer. Whenever you have a spare moment take them out and look at them. Do they still reflect what you want to achieve? If not, change them.

  • Keep another set on your bedside table and look at them before you go to sleep at night and when you wake up in the morning.

Examples of goals you might like to adapt to suit yourself.

You might like to set goals for a whole range of different areas of your life. They can be broken up into various headings such as personal issues, business goals, family etc.

Believe in yourself and the power within you to make changes. Even if it feels strange at first, by writing down your goals you have set the stage for change. You have made a decision that you intend change to happen, you might not know yet how it will happen but your intention will set it in motion. Your intention combined with daily affirming your goals is a powerful force that will keep the changes moving and flowing.

I wish you all the best.

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